About Jon (the Artist)

Jon Manness is a trumpet player and freelance musician in Los Angeles who decided to become a music artist before turning 38 years-old (how hard can it be?). His first single “Where Do We Go Now?” is a fun, carefree synth-pop song that unintentionally sounds like Duran Duran and ironically doesn’t have any trumpet on the record. His self-produced album will be a mix of electronic songs and instrumental interludes that will feature all the expensive gear he bought while playing in a high energy, electronic wedding band called Eli’s Band. [Note to music gear companies: send more gear and sponsor my album! -Jon]

If you like behind-the-scenes clips and other silly-show highlights then find Jon on TikTok and Instagram @jonmanness.

Featured Trumpet Projects (Hire me!)

Recording Gear (available for remote sessions):

  • Universal Audio Apollo x6 Audio Interface with a Chandler Limited TG2 preamp, FATSO tape sim. and compressor, recording into LUNA or Logic Pro
  • Microphones: Monheim Créme Tube Condenser, Townsend Sphere L22, Mojave Audio MA-201FetVG, EV RE20, Shure SM7b, AKG C414 XLS, Singular Audio f-48
  • Synths: Moog Matriarch, DSI Tempest, Behringer Poly D, Behringer K-2, Make Noise Strega, Roland TR-8S
  • Keyboard: Nord Electro 6D 73-key
  • Horns: Stomvi VRII Trumpet & Elite Copper Flugelhorn (Jon is a Stomvi-USA artist), vintage Conn trumpet and cornet, as well as tenor sax and valve trombone for horn section recordings
  • Jon records at Red Line Recording Studio, a 250 square feet, acoustically treated studio with an ISO booth, designed by Andrew Monheim of Monheim Microphones

Featured Music for Film & Media (hire me again!)

Featured Credits:

  • Music for Avatar Blu-ray feature The Night Before Avatar
  • Additional Music for The Mortified Guide (2017 Sundance Film Festival Selection)
  • Scored over a dozen independent films and licensed music for network and cable TV
  • Masters Degree in Composition with a Concentration in Scoring for Film and Multimedia from New York University (NYU)

On Camera: Music Videos

Please contact Jennifer Walton ([email protected]) to book Jon in music videos, commercials, print work, and other media as a background or sideline musician.

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